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2018-19 GOALS​

The Framework for Great Schools encourages parents, educators, school communities, and external stakeholders to work together to improve student achievement and increase learning opportunities. This collaborative focus will ensure that every child is consistently ready for the next grade, level, and set of challenges. The Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP) will reflect this focus and should serve as the blueprint that engages a school community in a systematic, ongoing review and analysis of student needs to identify and address root causes and implement activities and strategies that improve outcomes for students.


Goal 1: By June 2019, teachers will implement instructional strategies that will result in a minimum of 92% of students in grades K-5 engaging in rigorous units of study in Math, with a focus on problem solving as measured by the end of chapter Go Math Assessments.

Goal 2: By June 2019, teachers will implement SEL strategies as part of their daily classroom routines. that will result in a minimum of 90% of teachers in all grades achieving Effective or Highly Effective in component 2a - Creating an Environment of Respect and Rapport as measured by the Danielson Rubric.

Goal 3: By June 2019, school administrators and coaches will facilitate the inquiry process. This will result in at least 92% of teachers participating in collaborative inquiry work at least once a month, as measured by agendas, summary notes, observations, and student work.

Goal 4: By June 2019, the school administration will implement distributive leadership strategies that will result in at least 25% of the staff taking active leadership roles. This will be achieved through participation in any of the following areas: committees/teams, inquiry facilitation, teacher mentors, professional development, school operations and curriculum/instruction. A review of attendance sheets and agendas from these meetings and committees will be used to determine what percentage of staff members took on leadership roles in these specified areas.

Goal 5: By June 2019, at least 90% of parents will indicate that they were invited to visit classrooms to observe instruction as measured by the School Quality Snapshot.